Meet Our New Therapist – Ashley

Hi there. My name is Ashley, and I am a social worker and therapist. I am also a Torontonian, a cat/animal lover, and tea enthusiast. Each and every one of us has a story, multiple stories really; here is a little bit about mine.

I am generally fascinated by life, the complexities of existence, and how people adapt and thrive through ever-changing experiences. I am passionate about helping others work toward holistic well-being, and de-stigmatizing mental health challenges along the way.

I love meeting new people, and learning about the stories of their lives. I truly believe that connecting with another person is at the heart of what it means to be human. I also feel honoured when others choose to put their trust in me, and can feel comfortable to share their authentic and vulnerable selves.

Animals are a huge part of my life. I couldn’t imagine not having a cat lounging somewhere in my home. My cat’s name is Diem, named after the Latin phrase that I try to live my life by, at least in small ways – Carpe Diem, Seize the Day.

I have a fairly extensive knowledge of Seinfeld trivia, and have probably seen each episode hundreds of times by now. I inadvertently study a lot, as I often have Seinfeld reruns on while I’m hanging out at home.

I am a movie lover. I was introduced to movies at a young age, and it has been a staple in my life ever since. If I had to pick an all-time favourite movie, I would certainly choose Mrs. Doubtfire. Similar to Seinfeld, I have watched this movie countless times, and it has always provided comfort. The story is heart-warming, as well as heartbreaking, which accurately reflects the complexity of life and relationships. Also, my favourite actor of all time is Robin Williams, which completes the package.

I am excited to be joining The Spark Institute team, and I look forward to working together to provide a truly accepting, integrated, and empowering experience for our clients.

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