Eating Disorder Awareness Week


t’s Eating Disorder Awareness Week!

For those who have recovered from an eating disorder or those who are passionate about eating disorder recovery, it’s a super important and inspiring week.  It’s really exciting that there is an entire seven days devoted to promoting the understanding of eating disorders because they really are so incredibly misunderstood.

I watch how misunderstood they are by the general public but more importantly by the health professionals and the family members of my patients on an almost daily basis.  Eating Disorders are isolating by nature but the misperception around them definitely creates further isolation (you would never want to share any of your secrets with someone who fundamentally wouldn’t understand, either).  So for this reason alone, I’m a supporter of Eating Disorder Awareness Week!

Although it is exciting, I know how shameful and secretive eating disorders are for all of my patients who are suffering, so I can imagine the spotlight might be uncomfortable

The more your eating disorder can hide, the safer it is.  It loves when no-one knows about it, because then no-one is threatening it or challenging it.  What I find with most of my patients is that they have actually created the most safe and comfortable place for their eating disorder to camp out and run totally free.  Sharing about your experience and letting people in your life in feels like the scariest thing to do in recovery but it’s actually one of the most important steps to create distance from the eating disorder.

As a general rule, if you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not pushing yourself enough; and the amount of discomfort is directly proportional to how important whatever causing the discomfort is.  Basically, the worse it feels the better it is.

The role of Eating Disorder Awareness Week, in my opinion then, is to help your future support people understand what you are going through so that they are able to provide the type of support that you need to make the incredibly difficult experience of recovery as seamless as possible.

If you have an eating disorder, don’t keep it a secret anymore.  Get the help you need because you don’t need to keep living this way.  We love what we do and we would love to help you.  The first step is a consult, it’s a big step, but you can do it!  Email us ( or call us (905-553-1121) any time!

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