A Time for Change


here is just something about the Fall that elicits so many feelings; of excitement, nervousness, nostalgia, and anticipation.  For me, the Fall feels more like the beginning of a new year, than January 1st does.  It’s like I was programmed from the time of childhood to re-start at this time of year, to reflect on the year that passed, and to set new goals.  The change of season, the pumpkin spice latte’s (or PSL’s if you prefer) perfume the air, and people start to settle back into their routines that got shaken up throughout the summer months.  Does anyone else feel this way?

Fall is a time for change, which can be challenging for many people. Sometimes it is out of our control, and sometimes we are the ones who need to push through to make the change occur. It is the unknown, and lack of control that causes people to experience symptoms of anxiety, nervousness, and fear – even when the impending change is positive.

 A really effective way to cope with change is to take some time to figure out the thought that is most fueling your unsettled or anxious feelings.  This can be easier said than done sometimes, because anxiety can feel like a big cloud of mixed up emotions with a million thoughts all jumbled together.  

One way to figure out the thought(s) that is making change so difficult is to start writing down the thoughts that first come to mind. Just grab a paper and pen and start writing, freely. Keep going until you find out what you’re most worried about. Ask yourself, questions like: “So what if that happened? Then what? What would that mean about me? About others? About the situation?” These questions can help to uncover the core thought.

Then take minute to think about why you are holding on to that worry.  It could be based on a past experience, it could be a lack of self-confidence, or perhaps this change will require you to let go of a very comfortable, but perhaps unhealthy habit. Whatever change means for you, understanding the root cause of our feelings is always empowering, and often liberating. Talking with someone about what you’ve found can also help to maintain an objective perspective so you can let go and move forward. Give it a try!

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