Safely Coming Off Medication


common request of the patients we work with is assistance coming off of their medication.  Patients we see are typically on an SSRI or a benzodiazepine for anxiety or depression and want to come off for various reasons including being uncomfortable taking medication, feeling ready, not experiencing any results from their medication, etc.  This is most definitely something we are well-versed in helping with and we want to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible!


The biggest mistake most people make is improperly weaning and discontinuing way too abruptly.  When the taper is too quick or immediate there can be very uncomfortable side effects of withdrawal that can be quite destabilzing and scary.  The proper taper supplemented with natural medicines is key to success from our perspective.  The other key to success is optimizing your life to support wellness prior to coming off of any medications.  This means that you already have healthy dietary habits in place, a solid support system, a good exercise/fitness regime, proper sleep, etc.  Once we have optimized these pieces then we are ready to start tapering.  

A typical weaning schedule involves slowly decreasing the dose over the course of many weeks while slowly increasing the dose of natural medicines (that are totally safe and do not interact with the medication).  Eventually the medication is completely discontinued and our patients stay on their supplements semi-long-term until they feel totally stable and then we slowly taper off of them as well.  

We have had many patients successfully wean off of their medication!  It took patience and commitment but now they are doing really well.  If you are interested in starting this process for yourself or have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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