Send a (Real) Letter….. in the mail!


ow much fun is it when you get actual mail… that’s not flyers, bills, or bank statements?  SO MUCH FUN!!  Because we can communicate so easily through so many venues – text messages, facetime, snapchat, instagram, etc etc etc., some ancient forms of communication like letter-writing (and even phone calling) have been lost.  


You could easily make someone’s day by sending them a letter in the mail, it could be telling them a story, planning something to do together and inviting them, letting them know how much they mean to you, anything!  It will probably be a lot of fun making or writing the letter and then also kind of exciting waiting to hear when they get it in the mail from you.


After you do it once, then do it again… and keep it up your sleeve as something you pull out every once in awhile because it gives you a little sparkle and let’s someone you care about know how important they are.

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