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henever I think about creativity I can’t help but think about the 2nd chakra. If you aren’t familiar with chakras; here is a (very) brief and basic run down for you. Chakras, according to eastern religions are seven energy centres within our body that are positioned from the base of the spine, up through to the crown of the head. Each chakra connects us with our spiritual selves and represents a different life lesson that will bring us closer to inner peace and harmony. The belief is that if any of these chakras becomes out of balance or is neglected, over time it can manifest to illness. Alternatively, if we are experiencing illness, it can be a reminder to examine how the associated chakra could be out of balance. It really is an amazing way to understand the sacred and intricate energy system within our bodies, and can serve as a road map to health and wellness. Let me explain a little further, as I refer to the 2nd chakra and its connection to creativity.

The 2nd chakra is located right above the pubic bone and includes the genital region and reproductive organs. According to internationally acclaimed medical intuitive Caroline Myss, in her book Anatomy of the Spirit; the Second Chakra energy give us our basic survival instincts and intuitions, as well as our desire to create music, art, poetry, and architecture…”[1] She also writes that “Second Chakra energy is extremely volatile because it seeks to create. It is also linked to the issues of physical survival: sex, power and money, the currencies of relationships.”

Sometimes when we talk or think about being more creative, we can feel pressure, or fear because we believe that we are not capable. Many people think about creativity as synonymous with being artistic and immediate think back to that C- that we got in grade 11 art class for that painting of tomatoes that everyone thought were apples (I digress). Hopefully this is not your experience! Creativity expands so much further than the visual arts, and can really be very different for each individual. The way I see it is that since we all have a 2nd chakra, it must mean that we all have a source for creative energy just waiting to be tapped into again.

So how can we bring more creativity into our life? I think the first step is making space for it. What I mean by this is giving yourself permission to create, to ‘mess it up’ and to accept whatever comes from it. I think fear of failure, or worries about the end result can be the biggest barrier for many people. So relax about it, just enjoy the process and try to quiet that inner critic as much as you can.

Ok, now for some specific ideas about how to be more creative this week!

  1. Get up and move.Moving your body, changing locations or positions can change perspective and get your energy flowing which can spark creative thinking.
  2. Get Messy – mindfully! Play with paint, plant something, or toss a salad with your hands. Tune in to the sensory experience, and pay attention to what you are feeling and seeing.
  3. Start drawing on a piece of paper. Right now. Don’t even think twice about it, just draw and see what comes out of it. Practice not being judgemental or critical of what you draw.
  4. Try something new. Anything! Sign up for a new class, take a different route home from work today, go to a new restaurant, sit in a different spot at the dinner table … anything to shift your perspective. Habit and routine work in opposition to creativity so go ahead and switch things up!
  5. Add some colour to your life. Bring a new colour into your space. Paint a wall, buy a new pillow or throw blanket, or pin up a piece of fancy decorative paper on the wall. Specifically, orange is the colour associated with the 2nd chakra, so surrounding yourself in orange should help to get that creative energy flowing.
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