The Spark Loves: Body Edition


he month of February is the home of Eating Disorder Awareness Week, which, thanks to numerous dedicated individuals and organizations, has continued to expand and fill much of the month (amazing!). Since February has now drawn to a close, we felt it was important to share two awesome videos that are both related, and beautiful.  Whether you have past/present experience with an eating disorder or not, we think you will find these videos inspiring and relateable!  

If you are currently struggling with an eating disorder, I want you to know two things right now. First, you are entirely deserving of recovery (more deserving than your mind could probably ever allow you to know) and second, you are entirely capable of recovery (definitely more capable than your head could ever allow you to know).  Your future self will absolutely love you for committing to the unbelievably hard work that it takes to recover and it will be worth every moment of struggle once you are on the other side.  We have so much compassion and admiration for you and this process – you are amazing!

1) I Have A Beautiful Body – Natalie Patterson (@natalieispoetry)

Listen to this and then listen again and then one more time.  And then repeat tomorrow and every day for the rest of forever until you know this in your bones.  She is unbelievably articulate, intelligent and fabulous.

I Have A Beautiful Body - Natalie Patterson

2) #OwnIt – Special K (@specialk_ca)

You may have seen this commercial, as it has been played fairly often. But it deserves to be here because it is amazing and we LOVE it!  It has been inspiring to see empowering messages, such as this one, becoming more and more mainstream – and HALLELUJAH for that because they should be!  I love the bold, unapologetic, raw expression of their message both verbally and visually.  BOOM! Awesome! 

#OwnIt - Special K Canada

We love it. Strong, beautiful women dishing out a powerful message of empowerment + self-love. The perfect way to start your day!

p.s. If you LOVE this stuff the way we LOVE this stuff, check out the Always #LikeAGirl campaign here!

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